Monday, November 15, 2010

Thanksgiving Specials!!!

Hi Everybody,
This is the first time we’ve offered Thanksgiving Specials, and I think you are going to like it.
The BIG news is that because of a special arrangement with the fine folks at LumaPix we are able to extend our $99 PC / $149 MAC bundled pricing (normally $299 on-line) on LumaPix:FotoFusion until midnight November 30, 2010.  That is literally the best pricing you are ever going to find on this fabulous piece of software!
Watch The Intro video below to see how you can take advantage of these great deals. Then sit back and enjoy the three webcasts one more time.

To celebrate this good news, I am also reposting our three webcasts which feature all the digital design tips an tricks we use at my studio.  Each webcast was a BIG hit with over 12,000 viewers seeing the three programs. In total, they run about 7 1/2 hours.  That's a lot of solid info for free.
The content runs the gamut of how to design wedding albums in just a few hours instead of days giving you all my tips and tricks. I showed you how to create stunning promo pieces and exciting studio products.  LaDawn did an extensive demo on how she uses her Divine Designs that the audience loved!  All three webcasts feature how we use LumaPix:FotoFusion to work our design magic.   
Here are a few comments about our webcasts.  My sincere thanks to everyone for their very kind remarks.
  • “Great job David... yay! clap, clap, clap.” Gene L. - Bothell, WA
  • “Thanks David! Great webinar!!!” Lisa P. - Washington, IL
  • “Thank you Mr. Ziser for sharing your knowledge with us.” Kim B. - Lake Havasu City, AZ
  • “Great webcast. So much information! Thanks!!!” Greg M. - Belvidere, IL
  • “Thank you very much for a great show David!” Peter C. - Aalborg, Denmark
  • “Awesome as ever. Love this programs versatility!” Kristin R. – Beaverton, OR
  • Some Great Webcast Deals!
Fast and Easy Digital Design #1 and #2
During this presentation I'll be covering all the design rules, shortcuts, tips and tricks we use at David A. Ziser Photography to create the most exciting wedding albums ever! 
I'll show you how to design an album, or any design project for that matter, in 1/3 the time it takes to do the same project in Photoshop. You will be amazed, I promise!  We can design a 150-image album in approximately 3 hours - pretty darn fast! Want to see how we do it? Watch this webcast to see how.
I'll wrap the presentation with an in-depth demo of LumaPix:FotoFusion.
Hit the PLAY button below and enjoy the show!

Fast and Easy Digital Design #2
Hit the PLAY Button below and enjoy the show!

Rocket Speed Digital Design  With LumaPix:FotoFusion
LD C2So many photographers think LumaPix is just for collage design only, but in this webcast I really gave you a thorough and detailed peek under the hood of LumaPix showing how you could use it to confer with your clients on your design projects, enhance relationships with your vendor buddies, various ways to output and share your projects and so much more.
LaDawn does a great job showing the finer points of using LumaPix to create some really fabulous designs.  I quickly covered how to use “Swirls and Twirls” and LaDawn showed just how well they can enhance any project by showcasing how she puts together her Devine Designs.
The program runs about 2 1/2 hours but well worth it!  During the webcast I showed you how you can pick up LumaPix, normally $299, only $99. Does it work on a MAC, you'll have to watch the webcast for the special announcement;~) 
Hit the PLAY button below and enjoy the show!

Hey folks, I hope you enjoyed the re-broadcasts of these three webcasts.

Remember, take advantage of the special offers I mentioned in the Intro video above. Everything expires at midnight November 30, 2010.  Don’t miss out!!
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